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Nessus Perimeter Service

Cloud-based Service

Comprehensive and Secure Cloud-based Vulnerability Management

Tenable's Nessus Perimeter Service including the Tenable PCI Scanning Service is a remote vulnerability management platform which directs internal Nessus scans and audits, performs scans of Internet-facing IP addresses for network and web application vulnerabilities, and provides PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) compliance.

Nessus Perimeter Service provides secure web access to launch scans, generate reports, and examine detailed vulnerability audits and remediation information from any location.

Perimeter Service is supported by a world-renowned research team and has a continuously-updated library of vulnerability and configuration checks, making it suitable for even the most complex audits.

Save Up to $800 on Nessus Auditor Bundles

Subscription Details

Nessus Perimeter Service is available as a subscription which includes:

  • 1-, 2-, or 3-year renewable subscription to Nessus Perimeter Service including the Tenable PCI Scanning Service
  • Direct internal, external, or AWS-based scans
  • Unlimited scanning
  • Unlimited IP addresses/ranges
  • Web application vulnerability assessment
  • Ability to perform baseline security assessments against current PCI standards
  • PCI ASV validation by Tenable's PCI-certified experts with up to 2 submitted scans per calendar quarter
  • 24/7 access to the Tenable Support Portal for access to Nessus knowledgebase, support ticket creation, and live chat support
  • 1 user account per subscription
  • Manage unlimited Nessus scanners

Key Benefits

  • Rapid deployment/low overhead: No software installation, rollout, or maintenance
  • Value-based licensing: Pay one flat fee and scan as many Internet-facing IP addresses as you want, as often as you like
  • Easy to use: Automated scans initiated via a web browser
  • Manage unlimited internal Nessus Scanners from a secure, remote location
  • Comprehensive: Continuously-updated library of more than 60,000 vulnerability and configuration checks
  • Secure: Trusted, third-party vulnerability scans with end-to-end encryption